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To make your life as a student more fullfilling the links above of this text will guide you through the main topics when you are Studying in Tilburg, like the kind of Study, How and Where to find Housing, City matters, and Going Out in Tilburg.
The section 'Higher Education in Tilburg' describes the various Study from which you can choose from Studying in Tilburg. Tilburg University provides Bachelor and Master degree educations, while 'University of Professional Education' provides HBO Bachelor and Master degree educations. TiasNimbas Business School Tilburg provides Master and MBA degree educations.
For more detailed information about educations please use the links in the header of the website above, from you can choose the right study.

Higher Education in Tilburg

Voorrang Studentenkamer Tilburg

As a freshman, you get priority in the lottery system to obtain a room in Tilburg in the period from 1 July to 31 December, provided you have a journey of more than 2h. This is called the Nulde year schedule. Do you have a travel time between 1 and 2 hours then you fall under the subsequent group of the lottery system. Register this via KlikVoorKamers.nl.

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