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To make your life as a student more enjoyable the links above of this text will guide you through the main topics when you are Studying in Groningen, like the kind of Study, How and Where to find Housing, City matters, and Going Out in Groningen.
The section 'Higher Education in Groningen' describes the various Study from which you can choose from Studying in Groningen. 'Rijks Universiteit Groningen' provides Bachelor and Master degree educations, while 'University of Professional Education' provides HBO Bachelor degree educations.
More detailed information about educations is provided via the links in the header of the website above, from you can choose the right study.

Higher Education in Groningen

Voorrang studentenkamer Groningen

Through a partnership between the University of Groningen, the Municipality and Housing Bureau Lefier is room priority to students. Housing Agency regulates beyond the housing. Click on the link at the top of page to the next page to find. Conditions and the necessary links

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