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As a student finding a room is not easy in Amsterdam. Certainly not so affordable outside "Randstad". But there are posibilities to find a right room. Please further how to find a right room to stay during your study in Amsterdam.

Living in the Student City

How do you want to live as a student?

Do you need a lot of support and guidance, with a lot of contact with your family and your home base. Or are you independant and do you let yourself fully immerse in the new situation in your new location to fully enjoy yourself in your new student life. Concerning housing there are many possibilities to choose from. You can either get a room in a cosy house for students or for instance get an indenpendant appartment for yourself as will be mentioned below. There are studenthouses for instance with a shared kitchen, bathroom, toilet, livingroom, shed. Independant appartments have their own entrance, front door, kitchen, living and bathroom and shed.

Possible Forms of Living as a Student:

a) Non-Independant Student rooms, some possibities:
- in a Student House,
- in your parents' house,
- at your family's place,
- at landlord's place,
- buy/rent a house and get room mates,
- in a anti-squating building,
- sublet rooms,
- shared (facilities) 'independant' student rooms (cummunity).

b) Independant Student Rooms, Some possibilities:
- from the University Housing Office,
- from Student Housing Office,
- from Housing Corporations,
- from private Landlord,
- buy and share together a building or house.

What should you do to get a room or an appartement?

- Go to a room visiting evening ('hospiteeravond') in a Student House,
- get a room via a Student fraterity club,
- register with the (Student) Housing Corporation,
- rent or buy from a private person,
- switch a room or house,
- 'kamerhoppen' room switching system,
- get a subletted room,
- get noticed if you want a room via pinboards in supermarket, university, websites, etc,
- leave your mother or father at home when going to a Visits 'hospiteeravond', room mates do not want mama's or daddy's boy/girl, but they want a grown up cool room mate.

In the summer tend to be very busy in the student housing market. If start early looking for a room, before the summer holiday, will increase your chance to get your room before you start your study. In a room visiting evening, the so called 'hospiteeravond', your new possible room mates votes for their new room mate. If you are invited to visit a student or fraternity house just be yourself. This will enhance the chance to get your room with the room mates that suits you the best. You can sign in at a (student) housing corporation to get room or a appartment. Alternatively is to rent or buy a room or appartment from a private person. Rent or purchase a house or appartment to share with room mates might be benificial.
If your looking for a temporary accomodation, like anti-squating building, you have less rights than you rent from a housing corporation. It is possible to you have to leave you accomodation within 2 weeks after notice. Some housing corporation also have temporary accomodation which have better right for renters. 'Kamerhoppen' is room switching system of Kences, Organisation for Student Housing Corporations. This is for students which already have a room and temporary leave to another place for study, traineeship or thesis research or project.
Students staying longer than 3 months at his room address is required to register his recidence address in the city.

Student Room Privilege in Amsterdam

First year Bachelor students of the UvA, University of Amsterdam, just finished highschool have the privilege to attain a student room if the travell time is at least 1 hour from Amsterdam. It is measured from via postcode. Students living in certain postcode area are excluded for this privilege. You do have to apply for this privilege before May 1st while enroling for your study.
Master Students of UvA also have privilege to attain a student room when their travelling time long. Housing corporation Ymere is providing these priority room via internet 'StudentWoningWeb' Ads. More details via Ymere.

First year students of VU, Vrije Universiteit, have the privilege to attain a student room with shared facilities at Campus Uilenstede in the period of July 1st and January 1st. This Privilege is applicable for students with a living distance measured via postcode.

Topsport students have the privilege to attain a student room via Topsport Amsterdam of Housing Corporation Ymere in the street Laan van Spartaan.

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